We represent all the major writers of Builders Risks programs.  None of our market is rated below A in Best’s Guide.  We can save you a lot of money as well as protect your assets. Our market place contains both program sources and specialty sources for the policies we write.  Type of project, size of project, and type of construction often dictate which program or policy source will be best fitted for your needs. Different markets have different appetites.

Our staff are experts in matching needs with availability of coverage and at the best pricing.

Builders Risks Coverage is programmed to attach when you break ground so that the building grows into the policy. It is also known as an installation floater or course of construction policy.  THESE POLICIES ARE PROPERTY COVERAGE ONLY. Liability insurance is the subject of a separate policy.

A REMODELER’S POLICY is a builder’s risks policy written on an existing structure that will under go additions and modifications.  Since it has thousands of dollars at risk when it begins, it costs a bit more than the builder’s risks policy on a new structure which is designed for the building to grow into the policy, hence it has a lower rate.  Both base the amount of insurance on the replacement value of the finished building.

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